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Essentials / Naughty Accessories

Silicon Handcuffs USD 5.00[LKR 900.00]
Love Seat with Door Jam USD 34.00[LKR 5,900.00]
Bed Restraints USD 23.00[LKR 4,100.00]
Roman Whip USD 12.00[LKR 2,100.00]
Glow in the dark dice USD 3.00[LKR 450.00]
Love whip with Feather Tickler USD 9.00[LKR 1,500.00]
Fur Leather Handcuffs - Black USD 12.00[LKR 2,100.00]
Heat Of the Passion Restraint Kit - Purple USD 37.00[LKR 6,500.00]
Heart Whip USD 16.00[LKR 2,800.00]
Bondage Paddle xoxo - Black USD 11.00[LKR 1,900.00]
Feather Nipple Clips - Red USD 6.00[LKR 1,000.00]
Feather Nipple Clips Purple USD 6.00[LKR 1,000.00]