Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on making it through one year or even 30 years! Marriage is a crazy and difficult journey, so props to you for sticking it out.

Not sure how you do things in your house, but anniversaries to us mean a chance to get down and dirty with your lover. Spend time together, do something fun, get down tonight. You get it.

So obviously this is the perfect time to wear or gift lingerie. It’s a safe space, now’s the time to go for it. And if you’re down to celebrating it the Midnightdiva style, we’ve got the sexiest anniversary lingerie in the entire world for your viewing and wearing pleasure. So…you’re welcome. 

At the start of many relationships, there’s often a spark of chemistry. Perhaps you and your new boo are all over each other and can’t seem to sit through dinner without wanting to rip each others’ clothes off. OK, OK, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the point. Most relationships start out with a lot of heat. But as time goes on, it’s perfectly natural for that fire to dim a little. In which case, having a few sexy anniversary tips on hand can help you and your partner celebrate a landmark in your relationship, while simultaneously reigniting that spark.

 Of course, that isn’t to say that you and your partner necessarily need any help getting a spark going. It can be fun to do something a little sexy for your anniversary. You’re always young at heart, and you deserve to have fun! Anniversaries are an exciting opportunity to celebrate each other and your relationship. You’ve come a long way, so going on a hot date can be just the ticket. You can get all dressed up to go out, or keep it casual at home.

Either way, these date ideas will have you itching to turn off the lights if you know what I mean.

1. Hit The Sheets Before Dinner

Instead of getting all dressed up, going wining and dining and then coming home to get it on after you’re stuffed and exhausted, have sex first. It’s fun and exciting since you know you have to get out of the house by a certain time, and then you get to ride the high of your orgasmic session throughout dinner.

Plus, you could probably use the food and drink after a good romp in the sack. And if you’re still feeling your sex-after-date-night routine, you can always do it again.

Hit The Sheets Before Dinner

2. Let The Anticipation Build

You’ve probably heard this tip, but tease each other by sending each other sexy messages alllll day. Stick a sexy note in their wallet so they discover it during the day, sext throughout the day, and (if you really wanna go for it) send them loads of hot selfies. 

Disclaimer: Selfie with care. You don’t need your pics showing up on a presentation at work. Nothing kills a buzz harder than getting fired. 

Let The Anticipation Build

3. Go see a sexy Movie

 You don’t have to get Fifty Shades queued up, but get on Netflix or download one of those movies with steamy seshs (All of Kate Winslet’s movies. Thank you!). Either way, you’re in for a good time.

4. Let Them Pick Your Gift

Instead of buying each other gifts, give each other gift cards that are really meant for yourselves. Ladies, give your partner a Midnightdiva gift card, hand them your measurements and tell them to pick out something they like.

Guys, we carry men’s lingerie (yaaaaaaaaayyy!) but you can still gift a Midnightdiva gift card and tell your partner to get some ultra-sexy accessories like handcuffs, restraint ties, pleasure sets and adult games!

5. Share Your Fantasies

We’ve all got a sexy scenario we’re too nervous/scared/shy to put into play, so make it happen! But we know just outright telling your partner what you’re into can cause anxiety, even if you’ve been together a long time. So write it down! Each of you writes out your sexual fantasy/fantasies you want to explore and then trade letters or read them to each other. 

Disclaimer: Be mindful of each other’s comfort zones and be sensitive to each other’s feelings. If you’re really not into something your partner wants to do, tell them and try to come up with a compromise.

We’ve all got a sexy scenario we’re too nervous/scared/shy to put into play.
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