We’ve all heard it. “LoVe YoUrSeLf.” It’s not that easy KAREN. Sometimes we feel like a blob, sometimes we can’t stop being hard on ourselves, sometimes we just feel blaaaah. SHEESH.

We’re stuck. It sucks. Let’s make the best of it

Because at the end of the day being stuck at home is pretty awesome. Your pets are here, your favorite snacks are here, your bed is here and it’s your version of paradise.

So how do you kick yourself in the face and force yourself to feel absolutely freaking sexy during this quarantine season? Easier said than done, but we can help.

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1) Compliment Yourself Every Single Day

(Sounds cliché. But that mental health, though. ?)

Every day make a point to say something awesome about yourself. It doesn’t have to be physical, although why not compliment your gorgeous eyes, your banging arms, that sexy back, or how amazing your hair looks? You can tell yourself you crushed it at home today, you made a delicious dinner, you didn’t accidentally say “You too” to the mother-in-law during lunch…literally, anything that’s an accomplishment.

For an extra boost of self-worth, tell your partner what you’re doing and get them involved. You don’t have to tell them you don’t feel sexy, but you can tell them you’re trying to be better to yourself mentally and you’d appreciate a buddy. Compliment yourself and then give one to your partner! Having someone else tell you how great you are will make you feel amazing, and eventually, it’ll become less like a chore and you’ll both be able to express how effing awesome you are on the regular.

Every day make a point to say something awesome about yourself.

2) Have lots of intimate times – alone or with a partner

Day *lost count of the quarantine*. You’ve already eaten all of your snacks. You finished your work for the week. Your partner is quarantined with you at home. You’ve seen everything on the naughty sites.

What now?

Don’t stress! And if you are stressed, what’s the best way to de-stress? 

You know how amazing you feel after a good Oh-Mys right? Imagine having that feeling all the time. If you aim to have intimate times at least three times a week, you can ride that feeling forever. (Gotta love that dopamine.) Make it more fun than it already is by pulling out the old lingerie from the back of your cupboard!

There’s only so much you can say about this because we’ve all felt the sensuality high. You know it’s great, get to it and your personal mindset will begin to shift.

You can also Sauce the taco. Choking the chicken. Flicking the bean. Beating the bishop. Buffin’ the muffin. Solo Play. Whatever you want to call it!

If you aim to have intimate times at least three times a week, you can ride that feeling forever.

3) Create a sexy playlist

It sounds super cheesy but listen to music that makes you feel hot as hell. It can literally be a list of the sexiest songs ever or it can be a compilation of songs mixed with nostalgia. Think of the perfect lap dance music, the perfect stripper song, straight up sensual music, then play it all the time – especially when you’re doing mundane things like making dinner or cleaning.

And make sure to really listen to the music. Don’t just have it on in the background – experience it. Make your movements slow and deliberate. Bend down to pick up those socks extra sensually. Flex while cutting onions. Do whatever you need to do to feel fine AF.

Bonus points if you do this while your partner is around. You know they’ll like it.

Create a playlist of the sexiest songs you can find

4) Pretend You’re The Sexiest Person Ever

Fake it till you make it. (Side note, this advice does not apply to intimate times.) If you keep acting like you are dynamite on two legs, you’re eventually going to believe it. If your partner tells you, you look great today, say “Thanks, I know.”

If you’re feeling a little blah, put on something that makes you feel damn good about yourself. Even a quick workout session that gets the blood flowing can make you feel amazing. See point 5 and thank us later! (As much as working out sucks, you’ll feel great.)

Keep acting like you are dynamite on two legs

5) Let’s maintain that hot bod!

Best part of being at home is that you want to chill out and do nothing. Fortunately for us, YouTube exists – which means endless amounts of at-home workouts at your virtual fingertips. 

POPSUGAR is one of the youtube channels that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world through positive, purposeful, and playful content. They inspire happiness, strength, and confidence to be your best self. Check out the 30 minute flat abs and toned ab workout below

30 minute home workout

It’s all about attitude. Make a conscious effort to feel sexy and you will be sexy. And you’re already sexy so, it’s just a matter of bringing it out for everyone else to see!

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