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“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” The post-coital question gets asked so often, it’s practically a pop-culture meme. It’s usually asked by the man and directed towards a woman with a pained look on her face. (Cue Daenerys’ iconic Game of Thrones squint-smirk.) That’s because most likely only one of them crossed the finished line. 

For that, you can thank the orgasm gap—a disparity that leads to men experiencing climax way more than women. Similar to the pay gap, the orgasm gap stops women from getting what’s theirs, which in this case is a mind-blowing intimate encounter. 

The orgasm gap exists for a lot of reasons but the primary reason is sexism. We’ve long-lived in a society that sidelines women’s pleasure and makes it secondary to male satisfaction. Decades after the sexual revolution and the seminal Kinsey Reports, science has ultimate insight into the ins and outs of the male orgasm and how to achieve it, how to improve upon it, while the female orgasm elicits an unconcerned Kanye shrug. The sexual revolution accomplished a lot, but the genders never reached pleasure parity. Everyone deserves pleasure, but not everyone is getting it.

Recent research showed that 85% of men climaxed the last time they had encounters compared to 64% of women. While sex-positivity is on the rise, the fact these stats hold up today in 2020 is staggering.

So what’s the deal? If you’re to believe popular thought, you would think men are just genetically built to experience more pleasure than women. Women are engineered differently, right? So wrong. All bodies are capable of experiencing pleasure. The clitoris has the same biological tissue as the male anatomy and has double the amount of nerve endings. All signs point to female orgasm being attainable and readily available. And yet it isn’t. 

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From girlhood, we’re punished for being sexually curious or active, while boys are encouraged to explore their sexuality. By the time we reach adulthood, we have men who feel entitled to orgasm and women who are passive participants in intimate encounters. This mentality is so pervasive that a lack of orgasm from a man signals that the encounter is incomplete. You two didn’t “finish.”

To close the orgasm gap in your own life, you must start by knowing and understanding your own body. Once you have that self-knowledge, you’ll be in a better position to demand what you desire from your sexual partners. That means no more faking. No more being grateful for scraps. No more stroking a man’s ego—among other things—without getting anything in return. How does your body get off? What kind of touch do you respond to? What do you shirk away from?

Lubing up and spending quality time with yourself is key to answering these questions. Only 35% of women orgasm from penetration alone anyways. Self-pleasure is self-care and you should seek it out unapologetically.

Lubing up and spending quality time with yourself is key

And while self-pleasure is an important part of that, pleasure encompasses much more than physical exploration. It can look like putting on an aloe face mask, buying some ridiculously ravishing lingerie or soaking into a luxurious Victoria’s Secret Body Mist or Lotion. Whatever it takes to get you there, nothing is out of bounds. Every bit of body confidence you earn will better empower you to effectively communicate your intimate needs.

The orgasm disparity isn’t a physical shortcoming, it’s a cultural one. By all genders acknowledging the gap and working to close it, we can achieve pleasure for all. 

We love that women are celebrating their bodies more and more. They’re not scared of looking amazing, bursting with confidence instead of hiding their imperfections behind baggy clothes.

One of the secrets behind this fantastic change in mindset is shaping undergarments, which have helped us gain the confidence to use clothes we thought were “banned” for our so-called body types. But knowing how to order the right size shapewear online can be a little confusing the first time, right? And there’s nothing more disappointing than finally receiving your awesome shapewear in the mail one week later, only to discover that it is the wrong size.

We want you to enjoy our products and we want it to be love at first sight. So here’s a guide with expert tips from the Midnightdiva community that we’ve set up to help you out. Let’s start! You’ll be ready to find the best and most comfortable when you order shapewear online for the first time – pinky-swear!

Beware of these four shapewear rookie mistakes

1.    Not all shapewear is created equally
A true Midnightdiva knows which type of shapewear to wear for each and every outfit. Shapewear is no longer just for special occasions but can give us that extra va-va-voom that we LOVE and NEED each off day.

2.       Do your research before buying
Before placing your order, take some time and browse our website so you know exactly what are the best options for your needs.

3.       Pick the right size
What is the secret to ROCKIN’ your shapewear? Order the right size – simple as that. The wrong size can leave you gasping for air, feeling sick and dizzy.

But worst of all, it can ruin the look you are striving for, leaving you uncomfortable and frumpy. Take the time to look over our sizing guide that shows you how to correctly measure yourself. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend going a size up if you’re looking for super comfort, or size down if you’re looking for super compression.

Still, confused? Have an actual human being help you out – you can contact us right here. We’d love to help you out!

4.       Build your shapewear wardrobe by focusing on your shaping goals
Need to smooth things out? Looking for a dress-friendly companion? Is chub-rub your worst enemy? Whatever you choose, take in mind WHY you’re getting this and WHAT you’ll wear it with. Go for extra compression if you’re into bodycon dresses and pencil skirts. Likewise, check out Postpartum Tummy Control Panty for feeling tummy-comfortable during the day or some good quality Butt lifter shorts to get your thighs in check all day long.

Underwear lines can be rather pesky, revealing themselves beneath our favourite fitted pants, dresses and skirts.  

So whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or want to look professional at work, it’s of paramount importance to know how to get rid of those pesky underwear lines. And when wearing tight pants and loose, breezy dresses, thong panties are a fantastic way to keep underwear lines discreet.

However, not every woman is keen on the idea of thongs. Whether it’s due to their reputation for being uncomfortable or the fact that they’ve adopted unfortunate monikers such as “butt floss” and “whale tail,” women tend to steer away from trying thongs. But it’s important to know that these reputations are quite overblown. When chosen correctly, a thong can actually be comfortable, classy and sophisticated.

Want to try a thong to get rid of those underwear lines? Here are five things to keep in mind. 

1.Find the right thong for you

Although many people understand the general concept of thongs, this underwear actually comes in several styles. You may even have heard of specific names like “g-strings.” But really, what’s the difference? We’ll break it down and offer some guidance on how to choose the right thong fit for you. 

  • Traditional thongs–Traditional thongs typically have a wide waistband that supports a narrow strip of fabric between the cheeks with full frontal coverage.
  • G-string thongs–These thongs have a narrower ¼-inch strip of a waistband (usually made of elastic), along with a thin fabric between the buttocks and a small triangle strip in front.
  • Brazillian – Crossed between standard panties and a traditional thong with a thicker waistband, this thong style offers extra fabric above the cheeks, while still leaving your bum exposed to prevent panty lines.

If you are wearing a thong for the first time, start with a Brazillian first. It will still hide your panty lines without that “wedgie” feeling.

 2. Thongs Are More Comfortable Than They Appear

While thongs are not for everyone, they are more comfortable than they appear. (Although they may take some getting used to.) Yes, the fabric slides up between your bum like getting a wedgie, but you get accustomed to it rather quickly. In fact, many thong lovers argue that thongs (more so, g-strings!) are one of the most comfortable panties due to the lack of fabric that can quite effortlessly become bunched or saggy. 

As mentioned, though, thongs take some getting used to, so don’t give up after just one day. Your first-time thong may cause some initial discomfort, but after a few days, we know you’ll become a thong lover for life! 

3. Pay Attention to Thong Fabrics

When picking out a thong, pay attention to the fabric. Like all panties, thongs are designed in anything from lace to spandex. And some are more comfortable than others. You don’t want an irritating fabric or synthetics, which could lead to chafing, trapped heat, moisture or worse.

Cotton thongs are the most breathable, which offer good hygiene (more about that later). Midnightdivas offers thongs made in a variety of fabrics, but some of our thongs have cotton gussets to keep you fresh. 

Lace thongs offer a stretchier, more forgiving option that reduces “muffin tops” often caused by thin elastic bands like that of a g-string. If wearing a g-string, the lace fabric is a fantastic choice. That being said, lace thongs tend to reveal a texture beneath tight bottoms.

Silk and satin thongs offer a sensual texture for bridalwear and honeymoon lingerie or any other time you simply want to feel sexy. 

Pay Attention to Thong Fabrics

4. Always Check Your Thong Rise

Thongs tend to rise above the belt line when you sit, bend over or squat, creating what is known as a “whale tail.” To avoid, always test out a thong in front of a mirror to test its rise. As you sit, bend, squat, etc., subtly check your thong rise, tucking it in if it’s exposed. 

5.Wear Thongs Safely

As mentioned, cotton thongs and cotton gussets are the healthiest, most breathable options for your private parts. But there are still more good hygiene tips we’d like to share.

  • Change thongs daily
  • Rotate thongs with other underwear–Don’t just change your thong daily, but switch into different underwear. Even if you love thongs, wear them when you really need to avoid panty lines with a certain outfit or dress, not at places like the gym or as you wear jeans. You should also avoid thongs when you’re sick or on your period.
  • Choose a larger thong size–Go up a size instead of sticking with your regular undie size. A larger thong size can offer more comfort and offer some breathability. Choosing the wrong thong size is one reason many women find them initially uncomfortable. 

Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on making it through one year or even 30 years! Marriage is a crazy and difficult journey, so props to you for sticking it out.

Not sure how you do things in your house, but anniversaries to us mean a chance to get down and dirty with your lover. Spend time together, do something fun, get down tonight. You get it.

So obviously this is the perfect time to wear or gift lingerie. It’s a safe space, now’s the time to go for it. And if you’re down to celebrating it the Midnightdiva style, we’ve got the sexiest anniversary lingerie in the entire world for your viewing and wearing pleasure. So…you’re welcome. 

At the start of many relationships, there’s often a spark of chemistry. Perhaps you and your new boo are all over each other and can’t seem to sit through dinner without wanting to rip each others’ clothes off. OK, OK, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the point. Most relationships start out with a lot of heat. But as time goes on, it’s perfectly natural for that fire to dim a little. In which case, having a few sexy anniversary tips on hand can help you and your partner celebrate a landmark in your relationship, while simultaneously reigniting that spark.

 Of course, that isn’t to say that you and your partner necessarily need any help getting a spark going. It can be fun to do something a little sexy for your anniversary. You’re always young at heart, and you deserve to have fun! Anniversaries are an exciting opportunity to celebrate each other and your relationship. You’ve come a long way, so going on a hot date can be just the ticket. You can get all dressed up to go out, or keep it casual at home.

Either way, these date ideas will have you itching to turn off the lights if you know what I mean.

1. Hit The Sheets Before Dinner

Instead of getting all dressed up, going wining and dining and then coming home to get it on after you’re stuffed and exhausted, have sex first. It’s fun and exciting since you know you have to get out of the house by a certain time, and then you get to ride the high of your orgasmic session throughout dinner.

Plus, you could probably use the food and drink after a good romp in the sack. And if you’re still feeling your sex-after-date-night routine, you can always do it again.

Hit The Sheets Before Dinner

2. Let The Anticipation Build

You’ve probably heard this tip, but tease each other by sending each other sexy messages alllll day. Stick a sexy note in their wallet so they discover it during the day, sext throughout the day, and (if you really wanna go for it) send them loads of hot selfies. 

Disclaimer: Selfie with care. You don’t need your pics showing up on a presentation at work. Nothing kills a buzz harder than getting fired. 

Let The Anticipation Build

3. Go see a sexy Movie

 You don’t have to get Fifty Shades queued up, but get on Netflix or download one of those movies with steamy seshs (All of Kate Winslet’s movies. Thank you!). Either way, you’re in for a good time.

4. Let Them Pick Your Gift

Instead of buying each other gifts, give each other gift cards that are really meant for yourselves. Ladies, give your partner a Midnightdiva gift card, hand them your measurements and tell them to pick out something they like.

Guys, we carry men’s lingerie (yaaaaaaaaayyy!) but you can still gift a Midnightdiva gift card and tell your partner to get some ultra-sexy accessories like handcuffs, restraint ties, pleasure sets and adult games!

5. Share Your Fantasies

We’ve all got a sexy scenario we’re too nervous/scared/shy to put into play, so make it happen! But we know just outright telling your partner what you’re into can cause anxiety, even if you’ve been together a long time. So write it down! Each of you writes out your sexual fantasy/fantasies you want to explore and then trade letters or read them to each other. 

Disclaimer: Be mindful of each other’s comfort zones and be sensitive to each other’s feelings. If you’re really not into something your partner wants to do, tell them and try to come up with a compromise.

We’ve all got a sexy scenario we’re too nervous/scared/shy to put into play.

Are you practicing social distancing? Suddenly find yourself stuck at home with your partner? We’re all there. My husband and I are newly married. We are still very much in love and my heart still skips a beat when he smiles at me but I sincerely hope, by the end of this quarantine period we don’t kill each other. Because I am under the firm impression that humans have evolved with a drive to share life with a partner—just not all day long. Our hunter-gatherer predecessors formed pair-bonds, but they separated in the morning to go about their separate responsibilities. So did our ancestors on the farm. For hundreds of thousands of years, even the most devoted couples have been uttering some version of that basic romantic principle: “I married you for better or for worse, but not for lunch.” And it sucks.

So here at Midnightdivas, we compiled a list of quarantine tips to make your afternoon delight even hotter and to get you through these tough times. Scroll down!

1) Bedroom Fantasy
Play dress up. Just do it. Get your bedroom costume game on point. Do what you have to do to make that fantasy a reality. You’ll thank us and your partner will thank you. Who says everyone can’t win?

Get your bedroom costume game on point.

2) Have a dance party in the living room
Create a collaborative playlist with nostalgic songs from your most joyful and most importantly sexy moments. Play a song every day to dance together. And if you have 2 left feet, move the coffee table (which you can later get creative on, I mean who says it has to be on a bed always), create a dance floor and pull up a dance tutorial video on Youtube. There’s nothing like putting on some good sexy music and dancing off some of the quarantine jitters and cabin fever.

Play a song every day to dance together.

3) Leave Sexy Signals
Especially if you’re in a long term relationship making time for intimate times can get kinda… hard (and not in a good way). Drop a red pearl g-string near his laptop (maybe keep the kids away from his work-at-home station for a while) or slip a note into his boxer shorts with something you want to do to him and then maybe do the deed within 24 hours. Raawrr!

4) Self Love
Nothing is absolutely hotter than a girl who knows what she wants and intimate self-esteem is essential for a steamy sheet session. Take a record of what you like about that hot body of yours and what you maybe don’t love so much. Focus on those sexy parts and learn what makes you feel like the sexy love muse that you are. The more you’re into yourself the more they won’t be able to resist you!

Learn what makes you feel like the sexy love muse that you are

5) Work It Out
Get the blood flowing and endorphins running. The release of endorphins (caused by exercise and other cough*cough physical exercises) has been shown to increase sexual arousal or even orgasm in women. Uh, yes, please? If there ever were a reason to not skip that Yoga/Barre class… because sweating together is a fun way to maintain some semblance of a healthy routine during quarantine, which will highly influence how productive and happy you both are throughout the day and…. night. Bonus points: Activewear is so effing cute these days it doubles as everyday clothing at home.

6) Switch It Up
Getting into a sensuality routine rut can cause a real loss in mojo. Doing a simple position modification can work wonders. Need some inspo? Watch naughty videos on the Internet! You’ll get all hot and bothered just watching the options. And once it’s all over why don’t you continue to have a shower together? Wow, indeed.

7) Sexting
This one seems like a given these days but it’s an art that is often overlooked when you are married to your partner and stuck at home. There’s no need to bare it all with a naked photo. Just slip on that sexy red bra or lingerie and send it to your partner whilst they are working! Sometimes a simple dirty emoji string can do the trick too!

Just slip on that lingerie and send it to your partner whilst they are working!

We’ve all heard it. “LoVe YoUrSeLf.” It’s not that easy KAREN. Sometimes we feel like a blob, sometimes we can’t stop being hard on ourselves, sometimes we just feel blaaaah. SHEESH.

We’re stuck. It sucks. Let’s make the best of it

Because at the end of the day being stuck at home is pretty awesome. Your pets are here, your favorite snacks are here, your bed is here and it’s your version of paradise.

So how do you kick yourself in the face and force yourself to feel absolutely freaking sexy during this quarantine season? Easier said than done, but we can help.

Scroll down to see our tips 

1) Compliment Yourself Every Single Day

(Sounds cliché. But that mental health, though. ?)

Every day make a point to say something awesome about yourself. It doesn’t have to be physical, although why not compliment your gorgeous eyes, your banging arms, that sexy back, or how amazing your hair looks? You can tell yourself you crushed it at home today, you made a delicious dinner, you didn’t accidentally say “You too” to the mother-in-law during lunch…literally, anything that’s an accomplishment.

For an extra boost of self-worth, tell your partner what you’re doing and get them involved. You don’t have to tell them you don’t feel sexy, but you can tell them you’re trying to be better to yourself mentally and you’d appreciate a buddy. Compliment yourself and then give one to your partner! Having someone else tell you how great you are will make you feel amazing, and eventually, it’ll become less like a chore and you’ll both be able to express how effing awesome you are on the regular.

Every day make a point to say something awesome about yourself.

2) Have lots of intimate times – alone or with a partner

Day *lost count of the quarantine*. You’ve already eaten all of your snacks. You finished your work for the week. Your partner is quarantined with you at home. You’ve seen everything on the naughty sites.

What now?

Don’t stress! And if you are stressed, what’s the best way to de-stress? 

You know how amazing you feel after a good Oh-Mys right? Imagine having that feeling all the time. If you aim to have intimate times at least three times a week, you can ride that feeling forever. (Gotta love that dopamine.) Make it more fun than it already is by pulling out the old lingerie from the back of your cupboard!

There’s only so much you can say about this because we’ve all felt the sensuality high. You know it’s great, get to it and your personal mindset will begin to shift.

You can also Sauce the taco. Choking the chicken. Flicking the bean. Beating the bishop. Buffin’ the muffin. Solo Play. Whatever you want to call it!

If you aim to have intimate times at least three times a week, you can ride that feeling forever.

3) Create a sexy playlist

It sounds super cheesy but listen to music that makes you feel hot as hell. It can literally be a list of the sexiest songs ever or it can be a compilation of songs mixed with nostalgia. Think of the perfect lap dance music, the perfect stripper song, straight up sensual music, then play it all the time – especially when you’re doing mundane things like making dinner or cleaning.

And make sure to really listen to the music. Don’t just have it on in the background – experience it. Make your movements slow and deliberate. Bend down to pick up those socks extra sensually. Flex while cutting onions. Do whatever you need to do to feel fine AF.

Bonus points if you do this while your partner is around. You know they’ll like it.

Create a playlist of the sexiest songs you can find

4) Pretend You’re The Sexiest Person Ever

Fake it till you make it. (Side note, this advice does not apply to intimate times.) If you keep acting like you are dynamite on two legs, you’re eventually going to believe it. If your partner tells you, you look great today, say “Thanks, I know.”

If you’re feeling a little blah, put on something that makes you feel damn good about yourself. Even a quick workout session that gets the blood flowing can make you feel amazing. See point 5 and thank us later! (As much as working out sucks, you’ll feel great.)

Keep acting like you are dynamite on two legs

5) Let’s maintain that hot bod!

Best part of being at home is that you want to chill out and do nothing. Fortunately for us, YouTube exists – which means endless amounts of at-home workouts at your virtual fingertips. 

POPSUGAR is one of the youtube channels that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world through positive, purposeful, and playful content. They inspire happiness, strength, and confidence to be your best self. Check out the 30 minute flat abs and toned ab workout below

30 minute home workout

It’s all about attitude. Make a conscious effort to feel sexy and you will be sexy. And you’re already sexy so, it’s just a matter of bringing it out for everyone else to see!

There are various ways that someone can please their partner in the bedroom, way beyond picking dirty socks up off the floor and cutting out the snoring.

We’re talking about ways you can drive your partner wild and contribute to some mind-blowing sex. After all, good sex is a team effort and requires both parties to put in the effort. As one of half of a couple, there are a few things you can focus on to do your part in making it memorable every time you have sex, and here are just a few.


Often talked about… and with good reason! Foreplay is a hugely important part of sex. It helps set the mood and get things warmed up nicely. This is the perfect time to explore each other’s body, teasing and building up to the main event. Over eagerness when it comes to foreplay, speeding through it to get to penetration might be tempting, but it’s well worth taking the time here. The chances of her achieving an orgasm from sex are much higher if you’ve taken the time to stimulate her senses beforehand.

Try the six-piece Intimate Foreplay Set to spice up your foreplay.

Compliment Her

Sex is about much more than just the physical act. The words you say and the way you look at her can be equally powerful in the bedroom.

It can be as simple as saying “you look beautiful tonight” right through to complimenting what she’s doing and telling her how much you love it. Every little positive affirmation that you give her will help make her feel more confident and relaxed in bed. This relaxation will make it much easier for her to enjoy the moment.

Listen to Her

This means more than just waiting for direct instructions and doing it. Listen to her breathing, every little moan, read her body language.

All these things will help you identify what feels good for her and what isn’t quite working. Similarly, if you’re trying something new, it’s important to pay attention to how she feels about it. For example, if you’re trying anal for the first time and she shouts “ouch!”, don’t keep on trying. Take it slow and ask her how it feels and what she’d like.

Don’t Compare to Previous Partners

Don’t do this in your head and please, dear lord, don’t ever do it out loud. Sex is about sharing the moment with that one person and finding a connection between each other. Don’t waste time comparing it to previous partners. Maybe your ex used to do something that you really loved, if that’s the case there’s nothing wrong with sharing but think about how you phrase it. Don’t overshare, just say you’d like to try it.

Be Open-Minded

We’re all different and that means we have different wants and needs. Be open to what she wants and doesn’t want. You never know what you might like, so being open-minded gives you the best chance of discovering something new that does it for you both. Remember, it’s not always about what you want in the bedroom and fulfilling one of her fantasies is a great way of pleasing her.

Keep the Afterglow

People often joke about those moments after sex where one partner wants to cuddle up and the other just wants to go and flick the kettle on. Take some time to enjoy those intimate moments after sex with your partner, this is when you should be feeling at your closest and enjoying that post-sex buzz. For your partner, it’s important for her to feel like you want her for more than just the orgasm. It’s important to connect on an emotional level here, too.

Pleasing a woman in the bedroom is about much more than just an orgasm, it’s about helping her feel confident, comfortable and emotionally fulfilled too. Sure, the pleasure aspect of sex is still (very) important and we all want to feel good, but these tips should help that feeling last a lot longer.

Everyone wants to feel sexy on the beach or at the pool for a fun day out. You want a swimsuit that makes your body look its best so that you can focus on having fun in the sun. There are so many different styles for swimwear that look great on different types, so you can choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable, confident and ready for relaxation.


If you’re looking to show off a bit of skin and soak up the most sun possible, a bikini is the swimsuit for you. A two-piece allows you to show off the parts of your body that you’re proud of, and you can mix and match your tops and bottoms to fit your own personal style.

There are several styles of bikini tops out there, so you have plenty of options. If you’re not a fan of straps or tan-lines, a bandeau is a great choice. If you’d like to cover up a little more, you can opt for a tankini instead. There are sporty styles out there, like high neck swim tops, along with halter-style tops that add a little bit of extra security, so you can play volleyball on the beach or go for an underwater workout without worry.


Along with the variety of swim tops to choose from, you can pair them with several different bottom styles too. Skirted bottoms and swim shorts are a perfect choice for those who’d like a cute bathing suit with a little more modesty. High-waisted swim bottoms give off a classy vintage vibe. Of course, you can always go with something a little sexier with a string bikini bottom or a thong.

Those who are more comfortable in a one-piece swimsuit have a lot of variety available to them too. There’s more than just your classic one-piece out there. You can find one-piece swimsuits in several different shapes, colors and patterns with details like lace, ruffles, cutouts and even zippers.

If you’re into loose, flowy, fabrics, cute pleats, or the allure that comes with a short dress, you may find yourself feeling right at home in a swim dress swimsuit. Typically coming in an A-line silhouette, a swim dress is flattering on many different body types and allows you to look flirty and feminine while in the water. It’s ideal for those who are keeping it a little more conservative but still want to look cute.

Just because you go for a one-piece suit doesn’t mean you can’t show off some skin in it, though. Monokinis are one-piece swimsuits with cutouts in the sides. Not only does this allow you to show off your tan, but the edges of the cutouts can draw the eye to your favorite features. Many monokinis also feature lacing and intricate string and strap designs for a little more visual appeal.


No matter what swimsuit style you choose to wear, a fashionable cover-up can help keep you protected from the sun and allows you to be dressed if you’ve got other places to be before you head out for your swim. You can find cover-ups that are full-length dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, hoodies, shorts, rompers, and even tracksuits. You can go with sheer, lightweight fabric for a hot day, or you can choose something like terry cloth to help you dry off after your swim. You can wear a flowy dress for exploring before your swim or wear an elegant jumpsuit to a high-end dinner before a walk on the beach.


No outfit is complete without matching accessories, and swimsuits are no exception. You can always dress up your swimsuit or cover-up with jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces. But there are even more accessories that you can wear especially with your swimsuit to polish your look, even when you’re just relaxing on the beach. When you’re wearing a bathing suit that exposes your midriff, it’s the perfect time to try on a belly chain, and they can go over a one-piece too. Belly chains are made from tarnish-resistant metals and can come with different charms that help add some fun, unique detail to your swimwear.

Sliders are decorations that you can add to your swimsuit’s straps to change up the look, and these also come in different styles, metals, and shapes. And of course, every beachgoer needs a good pair of stylish sunglasses to protect their eyes and add a bit of flair.

In case you haven’t heard, the days of hiding your curves behind baggy or poor fitting clothes are over. It’s time to fall in love with your curves, maximize your assets, show the world that you are proud of your body and you aren’t afraid to show it off. Thanks to the body positivity movement and the inclusion of big-bodied models in mainstream fashion, curvy girls worldwide are finally learning to permit themselves to feel beautiful. Since there’s a wider variety of plus-sized clothing options, you can learn to dress in a way that expresses who you are -while flaunting whatchya got- instead of “dressing to hide”. And with the right shapewear underneath to accentuate your silhouette, you can rock any look with confidence.

Your curves aren’t cookie-cutter, why should your shapewear be?

See one curvy woman, see them all, right? WRONG!

Just as there are as many ways to be beautiful, curvy bodies come in a multitude of forms. Some big-bodied women are busty and have narrow hips. Some plus-size ladies have bangin’ booties and thighs with tiny waists. We represent all shapes, all colors, all backgrounds. So with such diversity of shapes and sizes, why do we expect shapewear to fit the same, no matter your body type?

Because–guess what? You don’t have to look skinny to look beautiful!

If you’ve worn shapewear before, you know that it is designed to enhance your shape, as well as smooth out any bits that might make you feel insecure. And while high-compression shapewear can add extra contours to your silhouette, it’s not intended to make your body look like something it isn’t. So… when you wear ill-fitting shapewear, not only does it not do the job of creating a smooth canvas for your clothing, it can cause more lumps by pinching your body in the wrong places or rolling down!

You want to choose the best shapewear to flatter your unique, beautiful body––without squeezing the stuffing out of you!

So how do you find the right style for bringing out your best bits––without squeezing the stuffing out of you? How do you know when you’ve got the right kind of shapewear for your curvy body? Is it even possible to find plus-size shapewear that will stay where it’s supposed to without rolling down or riding up?

We made this guide just for curvy women so you can discover shapewear styles designed for plus-sized bodies.

The 3 Body-Positive Rules of Choosing Plus-Size Shapewear

1) Know your measurements

How do you pick the right size shapewear? The first thing you need to know: buy shapewear in your size or, if you are not completely sure, one size larger.

Some women think that if they get shapewear a size down, it will provide more compression and make them look thinner. Nope! In fact, shapewear that’s a size too small will only create bulges and rolls where you don’t want them, plus it will be extremely uncomfortable. Also: shapewear sizes don’t always correlate to underwear sizes. Don’t assume, just because you normally buy a certain size of plus size undies, that you are the same size in shapewear.

If you’re unsure about your size, you can check out our sizing charts and call our help center on +94727003003 to learn more on how to choose the right size of shapewear according to your measurements.

2) Know your body shape and focus on what you want to flaunt

What’s your natural silhouette? What parts of your body do you think are your sweet spots? Great shapewear takes what you already have and gives it a boost. It will also help you choose the best body shaper options for your unique build. Body shapers will highlight different parts of your body while taking attention away from less flattering spots.

For example, if you want to accentuate your bum for that new pencil skirt, our Bootylicious Tummy Tucker would be perfect for you. But if you are trying to smooth some back bulge then we recommend our Slimming Bodysuit.

3) Choose your support level

No, we’re not talking about moral support––although we’re here for that, too! 😉

You Got This

Once you’ve figured out the correct size and which areas you want to accentuate, it’s time to decide on how much compression you want.

Curvy women have a choice of three different types of compression:

Light compression: Do you have some bulges you want to smooth out so you can wear clothes more comfortably? Light control, everyday shapewear pieces will smooth trouble spots so you can rock your look all day long.

Medium compression: Are you looking to accentuate your curves? Firm control shapewear is made with supple, stretchy fabrics that move with your body while adding subtle contours to your shape. You should get hours of comfort from firm control pieces.

Firm compression: Often used to provide more contouring to your shape. Firm and extra-firm control pieces are perfect for formal, structured clothing like wedding dresses, prom gowns, evening gowns and cocktail dresses. You should feel toned and sturdy without feeling constricted.

No matter your size, move through the world with XXL confidence. With smoothing, comfortable, seamless coverage from your shapewear, you can rock any outfit, formal or informal.

There’s no limit to your wardrobe when it comes to style. So go on–show off the best version of yourself! Be confident, be proud!

Has the world of bondage got you all tied up in knots, and not in the right way? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but you can be sure that satisfaction brought it back. The previously dark and taboo world of restraint has been thrust into the spotlight over the past few years, thanks to the never-ending popularity of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, and we’re firm of the belief that the world can be a better place for it.  Showing a little restraint in the bedroom is one of the easiest ways to indulge in a little kink, and if the thought of restraint turns you on then you should definitely give in to those desires. Go on. We dare you.

Restraint of any kind is a really intimate way to play with your partner by handing over complete control and surrendering yourself, and we’re here to help with our complete guide to choosing the perfect bondage restraints. Switch it up, tie each other down and see what works. We promise you’re gonna love it.

It doesn’t have to involve pain, either. The two often go hand-in-hand, but bondage can be as sensual or as painful as you want it to be. It’s all about your preference and exploration is everything and it’s all about discovering what hits the right spot for you.

But where do you start? What can you use? And how do you do it? We’re here to answer all these questions and more, so read on…

The dos and don’ts of restraining
Using restraints in the bedroom is fun, but there are a few rules that you need to follow in order to ensure that everyone has the best time and doesn’t get hurt. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to stay safe at all times.

The dos of playing with restraints
* Discuss the scene thoroughly and agree on a safe word beforehand.
* Stop straight away if the partner uses the safe word or sign.
* Use common sense and stop if they appear to be showing signs of discomfort or pain.
* Keep a pair of blunt scissors nearby for a quick escape from tape or rope.

The don’ts of playing with restraints
*Don’t leave your restrained partner unattended.
*Don’t put any pressure on sensitive joints, veins or nerves.
*Don’t restrain your partner in the same position for long periods of time

The different types of restraints
There’s a whole rainbow of restraint types out there, so before you tie each other up it’s important for you to learn what’s out there and decide what is best for you both.

Aah, a classic. Handcuffs are perfect for binding wrists and ankles to one another. You can cuff their hands in front, behind or to the bed – the choice is yours! If you’re new to bondage, handcuffs are the perfect beginner toy.

Door restraints
Open up a whole new world of possibilities and take a peek inside. Door jam restraints may look a little intimidating but they are actually incredibly easy to use and add the perfect S&M restraint vibe to your bedroom. Simply hook them over the back of a door and tie your partner into them for some hot stand-up sex.

Under-bed restraints
Not everyone has four posts at the corner of their bed, which are perfect for restraining your partner. But we believe that nobody should miss out on some kinky fun. Under-bed restraints have really long cords that slip under your mattress, the weight of which will keep them nice and tightly in place. Have fun.

Get all tied up with some good old restraint rope. This allows you to be a little more creative in your endeavours and it looks and feels the part. It is strong and durable but feels great on your skin.

What not to use
Before you grab anything from around the house, hit the brakes and slow down for a second. There are a couple of things that you really shouldn’t use for DIY bondage supplies, no matter how fun they might look.

The first thing on the no-no list: duct tape. It might seem like a classic restraint tool but it’s not always great for your skin. It’s an industrial-strength adhesive so you can be sure it’ll sting when you rip it off, and it’ll probably take some hair with it too. Ouch.

But if the idea of tape really turns you on, don’t despair because there is a solution: specialist restraint tape. It’s a non-adhesive tape that will only stick to itself rather than your skin, and you can wrap it nice and tight without doing any damage.

The rope is another classic too. In fact, rope restraint is a whole area of play on its own but just like with tape, don’t go for any old thing. Household rope, garden rope or sports rope is incredibly tough and coarse which means they aren’t suitable for restraint play at all. But again, we have the answer. Restraint rope is nice and soft, but equally strong, which makes it perfect for keeping you in your place without irritating the skin.

Let’s talk safety and comfort

How do you escape?
Once you’re in, how do you get out? Whether you can escape from your restraints or not is a really important part of bondage, but there is a certain balance to strike.

Some people need to feel completely trapped, or the whole experience feels fake. Others can’t relax unless they know that they can get out quickly if they really need to. It’s all about discovering your partner’s preference and making them feel as comfortable as possible.

If it’s your partner that’s making you feel that way, then a few alarm bells should ring in your head. You should never try restraint or any form of play with someone you don’t completely trust to respect your limits. But feeling a little bit nervous and wanting a planned escape route is fine, especially if you’re a beginner!

Of course, you’ll already know all the different types of restraints that are out there due to our handy guide above, but some are more suited for a quick escape than others. Satin or lace ties, or even restraint rope, is good for this because whilst you can still tie someone up nice and tight you can also leave plenty of wiggle room. There’s a lot more give in the material so you can just slip-free.

But if you’d much rather stay put, then go for something a bit more heavy-duty. Leather restraints or those with buckles and padlocks make for much stronger restrictions that you’ll struggle to get out of.

Size does matter
In restraints, that is. Most restraints are nice and adjustable, with straps that will tighten and loosen as you need. You can tie rope how you like, of course. But there are a few that might not be for you if your wrists are on the larger or smaller side.

A traditional pair of handcuffs have a few notches to click through, but they’re still not the most flexible restraint out there so they could be too big or too small for some. The same goes for cuffs with buckles; they will fit most people like a glove, but just like any watch, belt or far less fun item of clothing, they may be one notch too big or small for comfort.

Stay comfortable
Whilst you may be aiming for a little bit of pain during your restraint sessions, it’s important that you stay comfortable. Restraints not only come in all shapes and sizes but also in all different textures, so make sure it’s one that you can handle on your skin. The wrong kind of discomfort can be really distracting when you’re trying to get into that headspace.

Our advice is to do a bit of research and explore the different types of restraints that are out there. You might find that your initial thoughts are right, or you might be pleasantly surprised!

Don’t forget the aftercare
Aftercare is an essential part of any form of restraint play, and it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Those who have been restrained can feel a little dizzy, stiff or ‘out of sorts’ after going through a play. Their muscles may hurt from being in the same place for extended periods of time, and their emotions may be a little fragile.

Take good care of them from both a physical and emotional standpoint; hold them close, make sure you discuss the scene with them and perhaps give their wrists or ankles a massage to soothe those pressure points. You might also want to keep some warm towels and blankets nearby along with some cream just in case of bruises. Look after one another! Have fun and play safe.