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Lingerie 101

We are the lingerie experts. Anything you need to know, we’ve got you covered - or uncovered.
Minding the “O” Gap

“Was it as good for you as it was for me” The post-coital question gets asked so often, it’s practically a pop-culture meme It’s usually asked by the man and directed towards a woman with a pained look on her face (Cue Daenerys’... more

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First Timers Guide To Buying Shapewear

We love that women are celebrating their bodies more and more They're not scared of looking amazing, bursting with confidence instead of hiding their imperfections behind baggy clothesOne of the secrets behind this fantastic change in mindset... more

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Pesky Underwear Lines

Underwear lines can be rather pesky, revealing themselves beneath our favourite fitted pants, dresses and skirts   So whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or want to look professional at work, it’s of paramount... more

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Renew Your Vows Maybe?

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on making it through one year or even 30 years! Marriage is a crazy and difficult journey, so props to you for sticking it out Not sure how you do things in your house, but anniversaries to us mean a chance to get... more

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How To Amp Things Up If You Are Stuck With Your Partner 24/7

Are you practicing social distancing Suddenly find yourself stuck at home with your partner We’re all there My husband and I are newly married We are still very much in love and my heart still skips a beat when he smiles at me but I sincerely... more

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Love Yourself This Quarantine Season

We’ve all heard it “LoVe YoUrSeLf” It’s not that easy KAREN Sometimes we feel like a blob, sometimes we can’t stop being hard on ourselves, sometimes we just feel blaaaah SHEESH We’re stuck It sucks Let’s make the best of... more

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The Guide to the Ultimate O!

There are various ways that someone can please their partner in the bedroom, way beyond picking dirty socks up off the floor and cutting out the snoring We’re talking about ways you can drive your partner wild and contribute to some... more

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Be the Belle of the Beach!

Everyone wants to feel sexy on the beach or at the pool for a fun day out You want a swimsuit that makes your body look its best so that you can focus on having fun in the sun There are so many different styles for swimwear that look great on... more

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Your curves aren’t cookie-cutter, why should your shapewear be?

In case you haven’t heard, the days of hiding your curves behind baggy or poor fitting clothes are over It’s time to fall in love with your curves, maximize your assets, show the world that you are proud of your body and you aren't afraid to... more

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Has the world of bondage got you all tied up in knots?

Has the world of bondage got you all tied up in knots, and not in the right way Curiosity may have killed the cat, but you can be sure that satisfaction brought it back The previously dark and taboo world of restraint has been thrust into the... more

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